What should you not buy in a college dorm?

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College dorms are often tight on space, and it can be tempting to buy items that may not be necessary. However, there are some items that are a waste of money and should be avoided when furnishing a college dorm. Here are 17 dorm room items that are a waste of money and should be avoided when furnishing a college dorm.

Decorative Pillows: Lovely idea in theory, but since the bed is most likely the only place for people to sit when they visit, there’s just no room for them. Instead, opt for a comfy throw blanket to add some style to the room.

TV: It’s not necessary to buy a TV for the dorm room. With streaming services, laptops, and tablets, there are plenty of ways to watch movies and shows without taking up valuable space.

Second Sheet Set: You don’t need a second sheet set for your bed. Instead, buy a few extra pillowcases so you can switch up the look of your bedding without having to buy a whole new set.

Extra Towels: You don’t need to buy extra towels. One set of towels should be enough for a college dorm.

Plastic Shower Caddy: A plastic shower caddy is a waste of money because it’s not very durable and will likely need to be replaced after a few months. Instead, opt for a metal caddy that will last longer.

Iron: Most college dorms have laundry facilities, so there’s no need to buy an iron.

Drying Rack: A drying rack is another item that is a waste of money. Instead, use the laundry facilities to dry your clothes.

Dorm Safe: A dorm safe is not necessary because most college dorms have secure locks on the doors.

More items that are a waste of money for a college dorm include a mini-fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker, a rug, a fan, a desk lamp, a printer, a vacuum cleaner, a steamer, a hot plate, and a mini-freezer.

When furnishing a college dorm, it’s important to think about what items are necessary and what items are a waste of money. By avoiding these 17 dorm room items, you can save money and make the most of the limited space in your college dorm.

This article was written on May 10, 2022.