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The “Free” Trap

“Marcie, I’ve got “free” stuff coming from every direction…what to do?” -Sheila.

Every day new offers come to your inbox, a seemingly never-ending stream. You stop purchasing because why bother? You’ll get another free thing tomorrow. 

If you’re anything like Sheila, you don’t know which way to go or where to invest your valuable time to get the results you want!

Nothing wrong with free, but I have another take on it. I see (and notice with myself) that free stuff will not give you the transformation you seek. 

There are LOTS of great things out there – both free and paid- so it is challenging to weed through it all and know which direction to turn.

Before I get to the point of this blog, I want to share a personal story.

Many years ago, when I was considering taking my business to the online space (beyond my local community), I had the opportunity to join a coaching program for entrepreneurs.

The cost was over $6,300 the program. The first thing that came to mind was, “No way, I can’t afford that!” I was sweating, and my mind went to overload because I wanted to up-level my business (and my life) in a way that aligned with my purpose, but I was scared. I knew I’d have to get creative to make money. Now I know this is the first step in transformation, stretching beyond what you think is possible. 

Now I know taking the trust leap is the first step in transformation, stretching beyond what you think is possible to create a NEW and more significant reality for yourself.

I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t taken a giant leap and said YES. I chose to invest in my future and believe in myself and my dreams.

Like the college degree I paid for myself (graduating with honors) because the program was so expensive (it appeared that way at the time), I put my all into it and was the ‘top’ performer in a group of over 60 people. 

That program was my first step in making a more significant difference (and, as a side effect reaching much higher income goals). I invest a minimum of $20,000 yearly in mentors, programs, events, and other ways to fast-track my goals. Why? Because it works!

The most valuable advice I can give you (or anyone) is to invest in yourself. This means your education, personal growth and development, health, and happiness. Think of it as savings account for well-being and quality of life.

Tune in. Check-in with your inner guidance – where are you being drawn? What feels necessary and proper? What sparks your attention mainly because it aligns with your values? Who do you most resonate with (we are always more open to learning and receiving from those we like, trust, and respect)?

Invest! In other words, spend money on the program or with the mentor who resonates with you. It seems counterintuitive to spend money when so much is free. First, mindset shift: it’s not spending; it’s investing. The truth is, as long as you are jumping from free thing to free thing, as long as you don’t invest, it is doubtful that you’ll commit or see the results you seek! It’s a fact that people put their energy and focus where they put their money – so the investment is for YOU even more than the person offering the transformation you seek.

Seriously, why wait 2, 5, 10 years to get where you want to be when you can do it THIS YEAR?! That makes sense to me and is worth the investment. 

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