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The 2 Life States

In life, we’re in one of two states: expansion or contraction (or going into/coming out of either).

Expansion can feel amazing: open, free, flowing, accessible, movement, and even joyous. It may seem like opportunities are coming to you, and life has a certain ease. The root of expansion is love.

Contraction feels the opposite: withdrawal, closed, protective, sometimes trapped, stuck and stagnant. It may feel forced, brutal, like moving through mud, like nothing you try is working, or perhaps you’re even working against yourself. You may feel foggy, exhausted, frustrated, confused, sad, angry, and alone, or even despair or other similar states that detract from your vitality. You may feel like giving up. The root of contraction is fear.

Expansion generally feels good. Contraction feels painful and difficult. Expansion is generally not an issue. Contraction seems like a BIG issue. It’s something you want to leave behind you as quickly as possible. So there’s plenty of resistance to what is happening.

I’ve had a few months of contraction (after a ton of expansion). Last fall, after pushing hard all year, I hosted one of the most significant online events of the year (Transform Your Health World Summit), then launched the Age Backward program, then pre-released my book Not Broken, which promptly hit #1 best-seller in 10 health categories. Whew!

My body and soul were ready for downtime, and (going against my highly driven nature) I took it, slowing down. I stopped taking new clients, stopped traveling, decided not to launch another group program, and even stopped making videos.

My mind wanted to spin out into all these stories about what it means not to be doing the next major thing. My mind tried to take me into fear, scarcity, and lack.

Yet I’m SO GRATEFUL for this time and what it has taught me. I’m so grateful for the chance to come through a challenging time more robust, more powerful, and knowing more clearly who I am.

As usual, the struggles we encounter are opportunities. It’s counterintuitive, yet contraction is a chance for more significant expansion.

Contraction is a chance to up-level your soul and your life by shedding old layers of beliefs, stories, and interpretations that are no longer serving you. It’s a chance to move into a bigger life and a more evolved version of yourself.

Here’s the rub: for contraction to move you forward (rather than solidifying old patterns and stories), it’s essential to receive the lessons contraction can provide rather than be resistant/push them away (the automatic default because learning can be uncomfortable).

Otherwise, the experience can end up reinforcing the beliefs keeping you stuck.

There’s a way to move through this contraction state with grace (even if it may not be enjoyable or easy). It involves learning the lessons (which can take some digging), allowing (shifting your pattern), and trusting that you are exactly where you need to be and that there’s something here for you. This will enable you to use this time as a stepping stone to bigger things.

One of the most critical things I do with my clients is to help them up-level and teach them how to minimize the discomfort of contraction while using it as a springboard to go beyond the current state!

If you are in contraction, it’s crucial to get support! I’m giving away nine complementary sessions to discuss working together.

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