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Stephanie is a minimalist blogger and camera-happy owner with a severe case of hiking and a monochromatic wardrobe.

There are different types of bloggers, but it all boils down to two classifications. Some can take their clothes off the runway by walking through Walmart, and some cannot work because of all the baby crap (and more) that touches us every day, so we are happy that we’re wearing clothes.

While we can all aspire to look like some of my favorite fashion bloggers, with all that mum can go through during the day from coffee to counting sheep – I can’t imagine doing most of it in clothes I can’t move But just because it’s comfortable doesn’t mean it has to be boring and trite.

And these shirts from the Katydid Collection are anything but boring. Not only does each design have a fantastic feeling that you’ll love wearing all day long, but there are also multiple twists to match the exact mood or occasion you might be heading to. And for bloggers, there’s a whole line dedicated to everyday lingo from #ootd to the one I love “Eat, sleep, blog, and repeat” you’ll make a bold wordless statement (that’s a great tagline for an ad campaign, right? wink, wink).

Dallas-based clothing designer Katy Messersmith is the founder and owner of the Katydid Collection. This brand transforms the basic sports tee into a fashion staple for women across the South. Katydid’s designs are modern, flattering, and exude confidence. Katy is known for saturated colors, mixed motifs, detailed embellishments, and fantastic quality that wins over repeat customers and constantly attracts new ones. Katy insists on the highest standards for her brand; the entire clothing line is made in the USA.

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m excited to share this floral outfit with you with my favorite summer piece – a camisole. What’s even more remarkable about these photos is that the fantastic blogger and photographer Stephanie Drenka took them! Finally, after what seemed like years, we met at the rewardStyle Masterclass, and we had the opportunity to do a mini photo session, even for a small moment.


Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m excited to share this floral-on-floral outfit with my favorite summer piece – the off-shoulder top. What’s even more remarkable about these photos is that the fantastic blogger and photographer Stephanie Drenka took them! Finally, after what seems like years, we caught up at the rewardStyle Masterclass and had the opportunity, even for a little while, to do a mini photo session.

I’ve known Stephanie for years. She is a sweet blogger from Dallas who is humble, down-to-earth, and very approachable. Therefore, if I help organize or host an event on the blog, she is always on my list of bloggers to invite. I’ve seen her rename blogs until she finally picked the perfect one – her name. I saw her follow her passion, start a successful photography business and grow into #GirlBoss! So have her in the picture? That honor is mine, Stephanie!

Now let’s move on to the outfit. I wore this to the rewardStyle Master Class I attended a few weeks ago. Please do not mind the messy hair and sticky skin. It was a day of meetings, from Arlington to Dallas, to Arlington again, and back to Dallas – not to mention crazy rain, humidity, and thunderstorms. I am thrilled that I could make it to the Master Class and have a chance to have a session with Stephanie. I canceled my appointment at the hairdresser at the last minute, thinking we would not be able to take pictures because of the storm/rain. But we were lucky that the rain stopped when we got to Le Taco Cantina Dallas, where the class was taking place.

As mentioned above and in previous posts, I have been a fan of off-shoulder tops lately. Winter has taken its toll on me, and I embrace every summer trend that comes my way. Regardless, I’ve always loved the off-the-shoulder trend, even back then. I’ve talked about this before, but it has a certain sexy feel to it without showing too much skin. So when Rosegal asked me to pick from their online store, it had to be one of them. And ladies, it’s under $10. Yes, only ten freakin’ dollars which gave me so many compliments that day. I even got stopped at North Park because of my outfit. You should check out to try new trends without breaking the bank.

To keep the summer look flowing, I accessorized it with fringe detailing. I was wearing my Perry Street earrings from Rocksbox, a designer jewelry subscription service I talked about on and on and on.

Guys, I am still offering my STYLEanthropy and My Fashion Juice readers one month to try Rocksbox for free. They send you three pieces of jewelry you can wear and return when you’re done. If you want to keep any or all, that’s the only thing you’ll pay for. But if you don’t like to keep it, return it with the free shipping label in the kit, and they’ll send you another kit. You can get 2-3 sets or more depending on how long you wear each set per month. You can wear on-trend jewelry from designers like Kendra Scott, Gorjana, House of Harlow, Jenny Bird, and Loren Hope (like the Sarra cuff I’m wearing here), among many others. All you have to do is sign up at and enter the code myfashionjuicexoxo (expired, but the first three readers to use this code: CRISBFF4, will still get one month free) at checkout. You won’t pay anything at all. And if you don’t want to continue your subscription, cancel online before the end of the first month.

I am trying to remember if I had a chance to share this pair of Lauren by Ralph Lauren wide-leg pants in an outfit post. But for those new, these are the floral wide-leg pants I picked up from our Belk Style Challenge at Charleston Fashion Week in March, and above that is the Brahmin bag Belk gave me before going home. You can read about this fantastic week here.

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