4 Weight Loss Health Myths

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4 Weight Loss Health Myths (that are holding you back)

and what is true!

Myth #1: To lose weight, you must eat less.

Truth #1: To lose weight, you DO NOT need to eat less (eating less can have a rebound effect that can be way worse). You need to eat the right (quality) foods (in conjunction with timing – see #3) to stabilize blood sugar. Stabilizing blood sugar is the most important thing you can do for your present and future health!

Myth #2: To lose weight, you need to exercise (a lot) to burn more calories than you consume.

Truth #2: To lose weight, you DO NOT need to exercise (a lot). It is not about calories. Exercise is NOT the path to weight loss; it is merely supplemental (and can be an excellent way to manage stress when implemented correctly). 

“You cannot exercise off a poor diet!” – Marcie.

Myth #3: Eat many small meals/snacks throughout the day.

Truth #3: This is old thinking. There’s a specific way to eat that stabilizes blood sugar IF (and only if) food quality has been implemented first (#1).

Myth #4: I don’t have food allergies (I’m not allergic to gluten, etc.), so I don’t have to modify my diet.

Truth #4: Not everyone has food allergies, but everyone I’ve encountered has food sensitivities, especially inflammatory foods that inevitably create intestinal permeability (which usually leads to autoimmunity and other health issues).

Food sensitivity isn’t an acute situation; it sneaks up on you. As in, you’re okay, okay, fine until you’re not and the symptoms have begun. Think of it like liquid being poured into a glass. All is fine until it overflows; then, you have a mess. It manifests differently for each person but can compromise your energy, digestion, cognitive function, sleep quality, mood, and immune system. And you don’t know how vibrant you COULD be until the underlying cause is corrected. 

My WHAT ~ WHEN ~ HOW body/mind/soul plan to strengthen your primary relationship and stabilize blood sugar (the most important thing you can do for your health and health future!) WORKS!

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