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3 Tips

People worldwide find me with questions about weight loss, happiness, love, abundance, and health in general. They know that something isn’t working and that to get different results, something must change. Usually, it’s a coach/mentor: having someone by your side makes all the difference! 

There are ways you can set yourself up for success.

Soooooo Today, I have three tips for you.

1. Mindset

Choose to change from compassion, kindness, and self-love, NOT from a place of shame (this can be a big one with bodies and weight). Make improvements by loving yourself, honoring yourself, being patient with yourself (after all, you are learning new skills!), and knowing you are worthy of being your best and most potent self!

The most significant impact and transformation my clients walk away with after seven months: is really and truly loving themselves and feeling so alive! Then, weight loss, better energy and health, promotions, relationships, passions, and dream life follows!! 

2. Consistency

We all know that only a little will happen if you go to the gym and exercise once. It takes regularity. Consistency is key. The results you can expect are directly correlated with how consistent you are with yourself. It’s not what you do once or once per week – it’s about what you do each day, from food to habits to thoughts. 

3. Be Happy!

I know it sounds counterintuitive. I need a guide. What, choose to be happy? Yup. Each day, look for the joy, the fun, and the ways you can appreciate and enjoy whatever is in front of you – even if it’s not what you want to be in front of you now.

When you shift your energy by choosing your feelings, you attract more of the same to you (law of attraction). What you put out in power returns materially.

Remember, you get to choose what to focus on: the lack, the deficiencies of life, or the abundance, the abundance all around us. Gratitude is gratitude, even if it’s for the slightest thing. And that shift in vibration can change everything. 

Also, guess what?! When you’re happy (or grateful or having fun and enjoying life), you are less likely to overeat, binge, or eat unhealthy, quick-fix foods. You are less likely to use food as a substitute for whatever is lacking (perceived to be lacking). So, happiness is not only the goal; it *IS* the solution!

There you have it. Those are my top tips, the basis for manifesting what you want and creating a life you LOVE! 

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