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Happy new year, my lovelies! What is your 2022 theme? At first, I wasn’t sure what my 2022 theme was. So I didn’t force it. But writing in my journal yesterday, it came out.
The last several years have been all work with very little play or downtime and filled with striving, accomplishments, and growth, also with an energy of enthusiasm – driving myself hard.
It started with losing my love, a man who had become my everything, grieving, instinctively trying to replace the lost love, comfort, and security. Questioning my place in the world, my value, my worth.
With it came a forcing, grasping, and scarcity of energy. I had something to prove, and it needed to happen yesterday.
I was white-knuckling it to the extreme.
I couldn’t separate my passion and ambition from deprivation, lack of balance, and relentless action. I didn’t realize I could keep the love and big dreams without being disappointed in myself for backing off or torturing myself into starting to hate that which initially brought so much joy and satisfaction.
Now I choose to consciously move into the generous and abundant flow of life, taking action from the energy of allowing, accepting, trusting, wonder, curiosity, joy, excitement, flow, enthusiasm, passion, connection, and love!!
I receive all the seeds I’ve down, trusting they will blossom. I choose to trust that I’ll sprint when needed and walk when it’s appropriate. I’ll love myself to my bigger dreams rather than berate myself or force it (it’s the same principle I work with my clients on for weight loss and other life changes).
For me, it starts with harmony.
Harmony in my business.

Harmony in my love life.

Harmony with others.

Harmony with men.

Harmony with money.

Harmony with my relationship with myself.

Harmony with my body.

Harmony with my health.

Harmony with my future.

Harmony with my time.

Harmony with my past.

Harmony with my circumstances.

Harmony with life.
To harmonize with, flow with, be one with.
This is my commitment.
Within minutes of my declaration, the old tapes started playing again. It took awareness to recognize what was happening and choose to switch back into harmony. Back to knowing that I have everything I need. Back into trusting and releasing my white knuckle grip on myself and the world.
Simple. Sweet. Delicious. Cozy. Harmony.

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