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2022 Intentions

I can always tell when I’m not in the flow and when I am. Know what I mean?

The days drag by when I’m not in flow, and I get very little accomplished compared to my usual abilities. My usual zest and passion evaporate. I find myself wanting to stay in bed. The excitement dissipates. I can’t see what’s next and (metaphorically) stumble about in hazy confusion. 

Work is fun when I’m in the flow – my business requires hard work, but it barely seems like work. When I’m aligned with my highest self, things come together, almost as if by magic. When I’m accessing my highest self, I can see my next steps – like a stone ahead of me. I can see, feel, and become it, and I am the project I’m working on. When letting my inner wisdom lead, I can easily block out all distractions and stay focused. The long days don’t bother me much. I’m a powerhouse. My sense of satisfaction makes the hard work worth it; I’m filled up inside.

Can you relate?

Now is the time for you to set your 2022 intentions.

Now is the time to get clear on what you will release, let go of, and what you will bring into your life. Now is the time to get clear on what you, as The Creator and Architect of your life, will create. What will you build? What will you focus on?

As for me, I want 2016 to be the most meaningful year of my business (and my life) yet. I want to make conscious choices, to move consciously in the direction I know I’m meant to go. I want to step up in leadership. I want to follow my heart and soul’s calling more than my head. I want to stay open to inspiration and inner wisdom.

I want to (once and for all) learn the lessons that keep coming up repeatedly – so I can finally move past them.

I’m not ready to step into everything I know is coming – but I refuse to stay where I am much longer. 

Working with a mentor is the most powerful thing I’ve found in getting back on track. I have several – and they make ALL the difference in my level of prosperity, happiness, and inner peace, and how I can show up (and keep showing up again and again). 

Allowing someone else enough to make a difference for you is the most profound form of intimacy and human connection. 

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