12 Reasons Healthy People are Healthy (What Goes Into Health, Anyway?)

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It’s easy to see fit, vibrant, healthy people and assume it just naturally happens without effort. I have thought this time and time again, wondering why they are the ‘lucky’ ones.

Accessible health can occur for adolescents and even some people in their 20s. But the truth is, most of the time (more often than not!) a LOT of effort goes on behind the scenes to create the illusion of ease and effortlessness.

So…the question arises. What makes healthy people healthy? In my years of studying, witnessing, and working with people I believe what differentiates truly healthy people from everyone else is the following:
Healthy people value health and are therefore willing and proactive about doing the things that generate the desired results.

Healthy people are dedicated and committed. They get clear on what they want (and do NOT want) for their health and lives, then design it accordingly. They don’t give up and they never quit. When they encounter resistance, they stick with it and don’t give in to excuses. Even if they regress, they jump back in and recommit.

Healthy people are in it for the long-term – they recognize that short-term efforts produce short-term results, while long-term approaches will have consistency and longevity over time.

Healthy people realize that, while no one decision (generally) can make or break your health, each decision does set the trend for future behavior. They know that instant gratification has long-term implications, recognizing that the decisions they make now (how spend your time, level of self-care, lifestyle choices, etc) will (at least eventually) affect their future.

Healthy people listen to their bodies and hearts, and act accordingly.

Healthy people make solid choices from a place of self-love/respect/honoring, not from a place of scarcity or fear. They know their value! They know they are worthy of having the health and life they desire. As a result, they make one nurturing decision upon another, upon another…which adds up to a lifetime of generally healthy choices and consequences.

Healthy people believe in themselves and their body – and their body’s ability to heal. They understand that they can overcome no matter how bad it gets.

Healthy people cultivate a positive, supportive mindset. They choose to focus on what is THERE versus what isn’t. They don’t try to fool themselves with untrue affirmations, but see the seed of possibility that could grow into a tree of truth.

Healthy people make it a habit to learn, grow, and expand. This could mean reading, attending lectures or webinars, following new research, and working with a mentor or coach.

Healthy people stay open to the possibility of course correction based on new information and what works/doesn’t work for them. Certain things work in some seasons or time periods, and later it may require modification. They tweak and experiment, hone and refine, and find ways that work for them.
Healthy people accept the present, while planning for the future.

Healthy people realize there are no absolutes – it’s not about eating ‘perfectly’ or doing things just right. Every day (and every meal) is a new opportunity, a fresh start! It’s about making the best decision you can in any given moment. Often that means healthy foods and choices…but sometimes that means having a treat

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